Table is Set for Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon - New Orleans City Park

Table is Set for Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon

Another April, another reason to celebrate the beauty – and importance – of New Orleans City Park’s urban forest.

On Wednesday, April 24, City Park Conservancy (CPC) and the New Orleans Town Gardeners (NOTG) – a member of the Garden Club of America – will host the Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon presented by First Horizon. The annual event is a vibrant celebration, and critical fundraiser, for both CPC and NOTG complete with festive garden-cocktail attire, seated luncheon and a live auction in the New Orleans Botanical Garden and the Pavilion of the Two Sisters.

“The Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon is a fundraiser truly unlike any other,” said CPC President and CEO Cara Lambright. “It’s a wonderful blend of fashion and passion that allows supporters to socialize while they prioritize the Park and important community programs. The beautiful backdrop of the Botanical Garden only adds to the ambiance.”

The day begins with a VIP hour at 11am in the Botanical Garden. From there, the event moves inside the Pavilion where lunch is served and the live auction begins. The featured artist is Amélie Guthrie, who sculpts and stitches large-scale embroidered work, with her triptych piece titled Antheia, 2024 (40×90) being auctioned.

“In 2018, we invited City Park to join us in this wonderful Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon,” said NOTG President Blanche “Dee” McCloskey. “Through the active participation of our members, and generosity of our supporters, we’ve been able to raise over $1 million to support City Park’s majestic oaks, restore local gardens, create demonstration gardens for native plants, introduce young people to gardening, and provide graduate-level scholarships in coastal erosion.”

This year’s event also draws attention to the importance of wetlands conservation and highlights the work of Glass Half Full, a local organization that combines glass-recycling services with efforts to restore Louisiana’s fragile coast. The 2024 Heart of the Park Hat Luncheon is chaired by Liz Bush, Liza Feoli, Margaux Krane, and Kim White.

Tickets start at $150 with sponsorship opportunities available. To learn more and purchase, click here.

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