Self-Guided Tours - New Orleans City Park

Self-Guided Tours

Check out our virtual or self-guided tours of a few highlighted areas of City Park:

Historic Live Oak Tree Tour

Get to the root of the Park’s design. From the beginning, the live oaks of City Park have been part of the heritage of New Orleans. These beautiful old trees have stood as silent sentinels as the park developed into the urban oasis it is today. City Park will continue to provide the care needed so that generations to come may enjoy the most significant collection of mature live oaks found anywhere. Click the button below to access the virtual and self-guided tour of the Park’s historic live oak trees.

Historic Live Oak Tree Tour

City Park Bridges Tour

From wooden beams to concrete arches–take a pebbled look at the Park’s past. The City Park Bridges Tour can be taken virtually or in-person. The bridges featured are divided into two categories: road and pedestrian bridges. To access the tour, which includes maps, coordinates for each bridge and pictures, click the button below.

New Orleans City Park Bridges

Instagrammable Hot Spots

Experience the Park’s most-photogenic perspectives. Click on the button below to access a story map that highlights ten places in the Park that are Instagram worthy. The list starts with the most northern spot and works its way south, including pictures of each spot and a short narrative.

Instagrammable Hot Spots

The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden Tour

Admire 90+ works in a picturesque landscape. Click the button below to take the virtual tour of the sculpture garden.

The New Orleans Museum of Art, which manages the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, is its own 501c3 non-profit managed and operated independent of City Park Conservancy.

Besthoff Sculpture Garden Tour


To promote health and wellness in the Park, we have partnered with OuterSpatial, an app that’s free to download and easy to use as a guide to find all your favorite City Park outdoor activities—trails, points of interest, outings, and more.  The OuterSpatial app provides maps of Park trails and routes and features other wellness and recreation information relevant to visitor needs. Trails are for multiple fitness levels. Routes are sorted by distance and duration set for walking and running. You can locate yourself on the map, or help others find you, while you’re out on the trails, because the app works even when you are offline.

Download the OuterSpacial app for Apple or Android.

Download the OuterSpacial User Guide to help you navigate the app and find New Orleans City Park!

This project is funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation. 


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