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Park Rules + Policies

City Park Conservancy is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that manages and operates New Orleans City Park. City Park is an open urban public park comprised of over 1,300 acres—use the park at your own risk. The following rules and policies are in place to allow for all visitors to safely enjoy City Park.

The Rules and Policies set forth herein may be supplemented by rules applicable to individual City Park facilities. Visitors must also abide by all posted signage and are subject to the laws of the United States, State of Louisiana, and City of New Orleans Code of Ordinances, which are enforceable by City Park Police and the New Orleans Police Department.

We appreciate your adherence to the following rules and policies:

General + Hours of Operation

  • Use of City Park is at your own risk
  • City Park hours are 5am–10pm daily except for special events approved by City Park Conservancy. City Park Conservancy reserves the right to close the Park at any time in the interest of public safety.
  • Unauthorized use of closed areas of City Park, including trails, may be considered criminal trespass
  • No overnight camping, parking or sleeping is permitted in City Park
  • Use of firearms or weapons of any kind is prohibited

Parking and Vehicles

  • Parking or driving is prohibited on grass, off roadways and on paved or unpaved jogging or bike paths. Parking is designated for City Park users only. Please adhere to all parking signs in City Park
  • Overnight vehicle parking is prohibited
  • Licensed golf carts are permitted in City Park on roads designated for vehicular traffic. Golf carts are not permitted on bike or jogging paths or on grass or Park grounds. Golf carts must adhere to posted speed limit signs and be driven by a licensed driver.
  • Electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboards, hoverboards and the like are permitted but must follow the posted bicycle speed, must stay on roads or municipal bike lanes and must follow vehicular traffic flow
  • Electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboards, hoverboards and the like are not allowed on jogging paths or designated bike paths within City Park

Commercial Activities and Gatherings

  • Vending, sale of food, drink or novelties, commercial activity of any kind, including photography and distribution of printed material is prohibited without a permit
  • Soliciting money or donations (other than at a permitted special event), distributing advertising pamphlets or brochures, or any promotional, commercial or political material of any kind or offering samples of items is prohibited
  • A gathering of more than 75 people in City Park requires a permit
  • Shelters may be rented for large gatherings with a permit (contact

Trails, Trees, Park Grounds and Water Features

When using the Park’s trail systems, please stay on designated trails. Shortcutting the trail and bypassing muddy areas destroys vegetation, leads to erosion, reduces habitat quality, and causes unsightly damage.

  • Trees, plants and fauna shall not be introduced or disturbed, including climbing or affixing any items to trees, including hammocks, tape, nails or staples
  • Visitors are prohibited from picking, damaging, removing or defacing any flowers, plants, grass, trees, shrubbery, or any other property in City Park
  • Structures of any kind, including tents, may not be erected on Park property without a permit. Personal-shade structures less than 10’ x 10’ are permitted. Bounce houses, water slides and water-play structures are prohibited.
  • Swimming or wading in fountains, lagoons, pools or water structures within City Park is prohibited
  • Fishing is permitted with a valid Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries license and is limited to catch and release
  • Boating is only allowed with a permit, including Bayou St. John

Animals and Hunting

  • Pets must remain on leash at all times and in possession by the owner. Owners must pick up after their pets and properly dispose of waste. Pets are only allowed in open areas and the NOLA City Bark dog park.
  • Please do not feed the wildlife
  • Horses or any other animal may only be ridden within City Park in areas designated for such activity
  • Trapping and hunting is prohibited

Food, Music, Alcohol

  • Open flames are prohibited in City Park. Barbecue pits and grills are allowed but charcoals and hot material are not allowed in the trash. It is prohibited to dispose of or dump charcoal on Park grounds.
  • No littering and dumping – please take out what you bring in
  • Crawfish or seafood boils are prohibited in City Park
  • Amplified music is only allowed with a permit, and such music is at the discretion of City Park Conservancy
  • Visitors must adhere to all local ordinances related to consumption of alcohol and abide by all posted signage


  • Visitors to City Park shall adhere to all posted signage at all sports fields
  • City Park Conservancy reserves the right to cancel permitted events, including sports events, should it be determined that conditions are unsafe or that damage may result to City Park property
  • Golf is only permitted at designated golf courses. Disc golf is only permitted on the designated disc golf course. Archery is not permitted.


  • Drone and aerial craft operation is not allowed without a permit and is limited to permitted media outlets and City Park employee use for the benefit of City Park
  • Balloons are not allowed due to the threat they pose to wildlife and to City Park waterways
  • Fireworks, noisemakers, confetti, silly string, glitter are not allowed in City Park
  • No glass containers
  • No games of chance
  • Use of metal detectors is permitted while avoiding trees, gardens, flowerbeds, and irrigation lines. We value the history of City Park. Any historical artifacts found at City Park must be returned to City Park for proper historical preservation.

Cultural Diversity Statement

City Park Conservancy values diversity, teamwork and responsiveness. CPC personnel will interact with a diverse group of co-workers and visitors and will be expected to eliminate personal opinions and biases during employment. Our mission in valuing diversity is to build a positive work environment for all employees, regardless of their similarities or differences, and a climate of respect for people of all backgrounds. City Park is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and one that celebrates our diverse group of employees, while serving the greater good of caring for City Park.

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