Trails - New Orleans City Park


With 24 miles of walking, hiking and biking trails, City Park is the perfect place to exercise, unwind and explore. Whether you’re a fan of forests, want to get wild on the Wisner Tract or prefer the Park perimeter, there’s a path for all walks of life.


Couturie Forest Perimeter Trail

This mulch trail is 1 mile and is the main trail in Couturie Forest, which runs through 26 acres of passive urban forestry and was reestablished in 2007. 


Scout Island Perimeter Trail

This mulch trail, reestablished in 2007, is 0.66 miles and may be accessed from the pedestrian bridge near Magnolia Drive and ends on the eastern side of the soccer fields.


Festival Grounds Multi-Use Path

This multi-use asphalt path is 1 mile that is located on the perimeter of the Festival Grounds where pedestrians and bikers each have a lane.


Zemurray Multi-Use Path

This multi-use asphalt path is 0.75 mile that surrounds Big Lake and passes wildlife, seasonal flower beds, art installations, and has a lane for pedestrians and bikers.


The Native Plant Trail

This gravel trail is 0.12 mile on the northern side of Big Lake where native plants are maintained by volunteers and the Native Plant Initiative.


New Orleans City Park Loop

This multi-use path loop surrounds the perimeter of City Park, totaling 6.66 miles, and is to be noted that on the southern side the path transition to the sidewalk along City Park Ave. and Carrollton Ave.


Check out a virtual or self-guided tour of a few highlighted areas of City Park.

Self-Guided Tours

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