Our Work - New Orleans City Park

Our Work

The mission of City Park Conservancy is to preserve and improve Park spaces for recreational, educational, cultural and beautification purposes. The Conservancy works year-round to care for the Park’s historic oaks, beautiful gardens, family-friendly playgrounds, nature trails, and cultural and recreational amenities.



Urban parks, like City Park, mitigate the harmful effects of pollution, encourage biodiversity, help to control temperatures and humidity, and are havens for numerous animal and plant species. At City Park Conservancy, we prioritize preserving natural habitats, native vegetation and the historical elements of City Park. We also understand the crucial role parks play in water management and implement programs and projects that support water management efforts for the region. We are, at all times, stewards of City Park and its environmental welfare. 


Mental and Physical Health

Access to nature promotes physical and mental wellbeing. City Park Conservancy fosters access to nature for improved wellness and quality of life. Offering expansive greenspace, bike and walking trails, athletic venues, and quiet reflection spaces, City Park is an ideal place to stay active, or relax. We are members of the community and value the mental and physical wellbeing of our neighbors and guests. 


Social Connection

City Park is the people’s park. City Park brings together neighbors and visitors of all ages, contributing to a sense of community, education, and fun. Cultural experiences including concerts, exhibitions, museums, markets and art installations appeal to the diverse interests of our guests and strengthen social connection. City Park has historically served as a social and cultural resource for our community, and City Park Conservancy works year-round to identify opportunities that promote meaningful connection and engagement among all of its users. 


Expertise and Impact

At City Park, our employees are the heart of everything we do. We care for over 1,300 acres of expansive green space and operate numerous cultural, recreational, and educational facilities. Our team maintains landscapes, lagoons, historic trees, benches, buildings, playgrounds, and infrastructure—all enjoyed by over 16 million guests a year. The operations and activities of City Park support a total of 3,708 jobs in the New Orleans area and total visitor spending, both local and out of area visitors, totaled $240 million. The impact of our work reaches far and wide and City Park Conservancy is committed expanding that reach. 


Memory Keeper

For over 170 years, City Park has been entrusted with the memories of our guests and community. These memories are enshrined in the trees and flora. From weddings, to birthdays, to family reunions, your first fish or your first team win, City Park preserves the memories of generations past and offers an essential space for future generations. City Park Conservancy does not take this responsibility lightly and we will continue to offer a space for creating memories, year over year. 

One of my favorite places in the world.
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