Birding - New Orleans City Park


There is a reason Birder’s World Magazine named City Park the best birding spot in New Orleans. City Park is home to more than 280 species of birds. The park’s 1,300 acres of green space are filled with lagoons, flora and groves of trees that support a great variety of birds, from brown pelicans to red-bellied woodpeckers. 

Whether you are a novice birder or have been birding for years, enjoy the feathered friends of the Park. Everyone enjoys feeding the geese and ducks, watching the graceful swans, and listening to the song-birds–but there are hundreds of types of birds that either call City Park home or pass through the neighborhood during migratory flights.

Couturie Forest

Couturie Forest was named New Orleans’ top bird-watching destination. Due to the thick undergrowth, it is common for birders to see 40 species or more in a single outing around the Forest.

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