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Park Supporters

Thank you to the community of individuals, foundations, and businesses united by a determination to play a key role in supporting the Conservancy’s mission through the Oak Tree Circle to preserve and improve City Park spaces for recreational, educational, cultural and beautification purposes.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Greg Keller Foundation


$50,000 – $99,000

Tania Hahn and Melissa Warren


$20,000 – $49,999

Baptist Community Ministries
Vivian and Richard Cahn*°
Coca-Cola United°
Marla Garvey°
Selley Foundation Fund


$10,000 – $19,999

Anne Abbott
Susan and Michael Davis
Gustaf McIlhenney Family Foundation
Dale and Guy Williams*°
David B. Workman Fund°


$5,000 – $9,999

The Azby Fund°
J. Patrick Beauchamp Charitable Lead Trust°

Melissa and Mark Conner

The Ehrhardt Group
Gulf Coast Bank
Robert and Madeleine Leithman
Moyse Family Foundation°
John Pope°
Reily Foundation/Boatner Reily Family Fund

Scott R. Wheaton and Mary Wheaton Morse Foundation


$2,500 – $4,999

Taylor and Ross Bodeker
John and Mary Burke°
Jennifer and Timothy Connolly°
Richard and Patricia Kirschman°
Colleen and Michael Lewis
Luther & Zita Templeman Foundation°
Charles and Cammie Mayer°
Jeffery and Elisabeth Poole
Diane and Mark Schleifstein
Leigh M. Thorpe°
George Weinmann and BeiBei Wang


$1,000 – $2,499

Jenny Adams
Ellen and Jay Addison
Mary and Harry Barkerding
Michelle and Brian Barkemeyer
Henry Bernstein
Christine and Travis Berrier
Mrs. Sydney Besthoff°
Bonnie M. Bigley
Catherine and William Bishop
Larry Blake
Bruce and Lizabeth Boulware°
Craig and Sherry Cheramie°
Laura and Philip Claverie**°
Phyllis Lawton Cosentino
Steven and Andree Cosse°
Linda Cross°
Frank and Cappy Culicchia°
Kelli Cunningham
Rhonda Deen and Christopher Willard°
Jeanie Dragon
Helen B. Dreyfus
Bart and Cherise Farris°
Steve and Ellen Frischhertz°
Brit Galloway and Nan Wallace
Charles Gay and Patricia Ross
Elinor and Phillip Gregory
Jan and Eric Groh°
Daniel and Klara Hammer
Keith and Cristyn Hemel
Angela and Lee Henderson°
Susan and Bill Hess**°
Christopher Hevezi and Maria Kanellos°
International Coffee Corporation
Larry J. Irvin, Jr.
Todd and Coco Johnson
Rebecca and Andrew Kelly°
Mary F. Kock°
Marguerite and Jimmy Kock°
David Kurtz°
Missy Lacroix and Gary Hemphill°
Laitram, LLC.
Lou Lane
Merritt and Elly Lane
Jay and Sally Lapeyre°
Dorothea Levenhagen°
Claudia and Gary Levy
Frank and Coya Levy°
Colleen and Michael Lewis
Victoria and Max Loubiere
Olivia and Archie Manning
Paul and Renee Masinter
Mary R. Mix
Amanda and Matthew Monguillot
David G. Perlis and Debb Almeida
Susie and Randy Powell
William Reinhardt

Becky Retz and Steve Himelfarb
Elizabeth and Paul Richard
Ana and Michael Riehlmann
Paul and Alexandra Robertson
Caitlin and Matthew Roniger
Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk°
Louise and Clifton Saik°
Charles and Julia Sanders°
Susan and Charles Schadt°
Dana Shelton and Michael O’Brien
Shlenker Family Foundation
Henry J. Singer
Liz and Poco Sloss*°
Judy Steele
Ann and Richard Strub°
Jackie L. Sullivan
Jeannette and Robert Sutherland
Anne R. Sutherlin
Patrick and Lauren Templeman°
Richard Thompson and Evelyn Pugh°
Jo and Tip Trepagnier

Patricia Unangst
Thomas and Sarah Usdin°
Nicole and Jason Villemarette
Virginia G. Weinmann°
Richard B. Wilkof and Clara Walmsley
Roger and Gretchen Wheaton°


Listing includes gifts made June 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024 through City Park Conservancy and the Botanical Garden Foundation. 
*City Park Conservancy and City Park Improvement Association Board Member
** Past City Park Improvement Association Board Member
º Oak Tree Circle Capstone Member 

Thank you for keeping us connected to nature and to each other through beautiful, shared experiences.
Karyn K.
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