Big Lake - New Orleans City Park

Big Lake

City Park’s Big Lake has been one of the Park’s most-popular recreational attractions. The lake is surrounded by 25 acres filled with art installations, wildlife and wetlands, paths for walking, jogging, biking, and much more! 

The Trust for Public Land, in partnership with City Park, developed this trail and meadow to commemorate the indomitable spirit of the residents of Greater New Orleans for their resilience and commitment to rebuilding their homes and neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina.  

Features of Big Lake

  • The Zemurray Multi-Use Trail, a three-quarter-mile trail surrounding Big Lake, is designed for walking, jogging or biking. 
  • The Singing Oak is strung with a set of wind chimes that ring a pentatonic (five notes per octave) scale. This musical art installation was designed by artist Jim Hart. 
  • The Big Lake Native Plant Trail displays a diverse and attractive compilation of plants native to Southeast Louisiana, which increase wildlife habitat.  

Bikes, Boats & More

Wheel Fun Rentals offers a variety of recreational rentals including four-wheel surreys, swan boats and bikes for both children or adults. If you’d prefer to sit back and relax, private gondola rides are also available from NOLA Gondola. 

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Shaded overhang looking out on the lake Lake with swan boats Fountain Shaded overhang looking out on the lake Lake with swan boats Fountain
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