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City Park Tennis Center: Rubico Court Resurfacing

Hurricane Ida caused widespread damage within City Park including to the Tennis Center’s clay courts.

The courts are insured through the State of Louisiana and are awaiting assessment by insurance.  The high amount of damage to state assets has created delays in onsite assessments, but we have been assured that this should take place very soon.

It was the Park’s hope to keep at least a few courts playable during this time.  However, Tennis Center staff determined that they are unsafe for play unless they are topped with rubico, which will prevent a proper assessment of storm damage.

To ensure that we are able to keep the process moving forward swiftly, we have identified potential contractors and moved forward with securing cost assessments for a resurfacing of the courts.  The current courts have not been resurfaced in over five years, and as a result, we have concluded that we should move forward with resurfacing at this time.

The next steps are to have the storm damage assessed. After that we hope to move quickly into securing a contractor for resurfacing.  If not, the Park will seek to ensure that a least some of the courts are available for play while awaiting a full rehabilitation.

City Park welcomes the opportunity to bring a significantly improved playing experience to our players.

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