CITO Trees are for the Fish - New Orleans City Park

CITO Trees are for the Fish

Fifty Christmas trees from this years Celebration in the Oaks fundraiser in New Orleans City Park are now serving a new role as habitat/shelter for juvenile fish in Bayou St. John. City Park and LDWF, with to help of volunteers and sponsors, bundled small sets of trees and anchored within casting distance along the western shore of the bayou, just north of Filmore Avenue.

Small fish and invertebrates are attracted to brush piles and fallen trees for shelter and to feed on the even smaller organisms that gather there. In turn, larger fish come by looking for a easy meal. This gives the trees a dual purpose; enhancing fish production and making the area a good place for humans to fish. The trees will gradually sink in place, and each bundle is marked with a recycled bamboo state. HUGE thanks to our volunteers! Click here to learn more about volunteering at City Park.

Men in boat sinking dead Christmas tree in Big Lake
Photo Credit: Benjamin Simmons

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