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City Park Hosts Second Public Meeting on Master Plan

City Park Conservancy and landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc., along with Stantec and additional members of the Project Team, will hold a second public meeting on Wednesday, December 6 to share the results of the first survey and to solicit public feedback on potential improvements to how visitors get to City Park (Access) and how they move through the Park safely (Circulation). These improvements could include adjustments to roadways, bike lanes, and pedestrian paths, as well as to the connectivity of the north and south sides of City Park.

The format for this meeting will be “Open House” style. Instead of a formal presentation that starts at a set time, the Project Team will facilitate six stations that cover different topics and enable multiple opportunities for discussion and feedback. Information will be shared through a slideshow at each station, along with models, preliminary illustrations, and diagrams.

The public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6 from 5:30-7:30pm at Warren Easton Charter High School. It is the second in a series of six public meetings held as part of the Park’s ongoing Master Planning process to gather public input and encourage community members to learn what the Master Plan means for the future of City Park.

City Park Master Plan Public Meeting #2

  • Wednesday, December 6 | 5:30-7:30pm
  • Warren Easton Charter High School – Arthur Hardy Auditorium, 3019 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70119
    • Streetcars 47 and 48 and Bus Route 9 have stops within a 10-minute walk

Station Topics:

  • Online Survey #1 Results
    • This station will display results and key takeaways from our first survey through infographics.
  • Improve Access to the Park
    • This station will focus on understanding how visitors currently get to the Park (driving, public transit, biking, walking) and will highlight initial opportunities to improve access.
  • Make Safe Ways for Pedestrians and Cyclists
    • This station will focus on analyzing the existing circulation network (roads, bike paths, and pedestrian paths) in the most historic areas of the Park south of I-610. It will also identify opportunities to create safer biking and pedestrian experiences as well as a more efficient and intuitive roadway system.
  • Create New Visitor Experiences
    • This station will introduce improvements to the visitor’s arrival experience and a new promenade that will prioritize wayfinding, comfort, and safety for visitors.
  • Create New Park Connections
    • This station will show the existing circulation networks (roads, bike paths, and pedestrian paths) within the Park and introduce three different schemes that rethink the circulation networks to expand engagement with the Park’s landscapes.
  • The Wooded Island
    • This station will introduce the “Wooded Island” which, as proposed in the original 1933 Master Plan, was a central destination for City Park surrounded by the waters of the Bayou. It is currently a challenge to access, but it could provide an immersive experience of native Louisiana landscapes that would only otherwise be experienced outside of the city.

The City Park Master Plan is made possible through a lead gift from the Greg Keller Foundation. For more information on the Master Planning process, visit our Master Plan page.

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