Master Plan Ideas Youth Committee - New Orleans City Park

Master Plan Ideas Youth Committee

City Park Conservancy (CPC) is looking for the input and voices of our youth community (15 to 25 age group). Launched in July 2023, CPC began a planning process to develop a new Master Plan that will transform City Park to better serve everyone in the New Orleans region.

The goal of this Master Plan is for a bold re-envisioning of the Park as a whole, grounded in serving the greater good, addressing community needs, deepening the historical and cultural context, improving environmental resiliency, and creating a dynamic and enduring sense of place.

Our youth will be the ones enjoying the Park with their families and loved ones once the Master Plan is complete, therefore we are creating an Ideas Youth Committee that will be composed of diverse representatives from schools and youth groups throughout the city to learn about what New Orleans youth would like to see at City Park.

The Ideas Youth Committee will:

  • Give young people a platform to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns.
  • Ensure their voices are heard and considered in what they like currently about City Park, what changes could be made, and what new programming could take place in the Park.
  • Provide an opportunity for members to learn more about urban parks, community service, and improving quality of life.

The youth committee members will represent the interests and needs of their affiliated organizations and/or schools. We recommend two (2) members from each participating group, along with an adult liaison to assist when/if needed.

All participating youth committee members will receive a Friends of City Park Family Membership (valued at $85; good for one year), a Carousel Gardens Amusement Park Family Season Pass (valued at $265; good for one year), and six (6) tickets to the 2024 Celebration in the Oaks experience (valued at $210).

Please complete this form to answer a series of questions to gauge interest in youth participation on behalf of your organization and gather insights into how to best hold meetings to ensure we are accommodating participants.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions in advance of submission. If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

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City Park Conservancy wants to hear your vision for the future of City Park. Public engagement is a key component to City Park’s Master Plan and you can stay up to date on input opportunities here.

Informed by the initial survey with over 5,000 respondents and the second public meeting, the current Master Plan is reimagining two big ideas from the 1933 Master Plan to create access for to the millions of Park visitors of all backgrounds and abilities.

We want you to be informed. You can learn more with these FAQs answering questions that are most commonly asked surrounding the Master Planning process.

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